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  2. Hi! Im Dylan and into RC, and currently making and building a 1/8th scale jagdpanzer E-100! I will post photos of what i have made so far soon
  3. Hi Gary, Welcome to RC Tank World. Nice to see VicArmour here. Looking forward to some photos of your club meets.
  4. Welcome Kevin. Nice to have you onboard. I am looking forward to seeing some photos of your tanks.
  5. Shall do ... We have a Public display coming up in March
  6. Thanks for the welcome! yes it is a fun tank, I wanna do some detail work on it. I'll upload some pictures of my tanks.
  7. This build looks familiar mate
  8. Hi Kevin, Welcome. I had a tamiya sherman at one stage - i kinda regret selling it actually It was a good runner.
  9. Hi Gary, I have seen you guys on FB. Nice to see you here. Hope to see some pics of the club meets.
  10. My name is Kevin and I've been into radio control for over 30 yrs, had everything but never a boat lol I've flown crashed raced and bashed, I've always wanted to get tanks but they were out of my price range. I now have three, One (early) Tamiya Shermen, a Bulldog which is a project tank, and a Jagdtiger. I'm still learning the tank stuff but its a part of this hobby! maybe I can help someone here but will be learning from here also!
  11. Hi all, Gary from the Victorian Armoured Radio Control Club in Australia here. Our Club meets once a month, usually at my place in Hallam Here's a link to our website - http://www.vicarmour.com/ We are also on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VictorianArmouredRemoteControlClub/ For more info on our Club feel free to call me on 0400225186
  12. IMO - the Heng Long 6.0 board is comparable to the Taigen system these days and a little cheaper by my research - so my money would probs be on 6.0 There are better systems on the market than either of them, but then you start to pay a lot more as well (ie ElMod, IBU, Clark etc.).
  13. Hi Panzer Red, Welcome aboard. Taigen have some cool versions of the Tiger I. What paint scheme came on your metal Tiger I?
  14. Hi Steven, Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing some pics. Someone with your experience would have gathered some modelling wisdom over the years. I am also a German armour fan. Love the King Tiger.
  15. Hi Wayne, The original electrics package in the old Hooben T55 was made by SGS I believe. Not sure if they are still around, though a quick Google search shows me that some German sites are still selling their boards and stuff. The T55 board Clark sells will do the job fine. You may need to fiddle with the connections and wiring as it will differ from the SGS set up. Good luck and post up a few piccies if ya get around to it
  16. Hi everyone, I got a T55. It is one of the original release ones that i bought from a friend of a friend. I have done some research and discovered that the newer ones have different electrics in them - Clark i think. I am not sure what mine has in it - definitely NOT Clark. Can anyone tell me if the Clark T55 from their site is the same as the Hooben T55 board that comes with the tanks? Surely it would be. Clarks T55 is cheaper than Hoobens T55 control board Cheers Wayne
  17. Hi everyone, I was just after some advice on which one to get as i have 2 tanks that i am upgrading the electrics in. A Sherman and a Panther G. I am leaning towards the newer Heng Long 6.0 - but i wanted to get anyones opinion/advice on the Taigen boards - specifically the V3 version. Cheers
  18. Thanks guys. I know it was a while ago now - but i ended up sticking with iOS.
  19. Hi Steve, welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. I have enjoyed a couple of Tammy King Tigers myself over the years - regret moving them on sometimes. Tamiya is certainly a favourite.
  20. Hi , Steve here, I have been building military models since I was 12 which is also when I started working. My builds have been published in Fine Scale Modeler eight times over several years. I enjoy building German Armor the most, as it was the most unique. I build mostly 1/35 and 1/16 Armor and figures and dioramas . I have built and sold 8-10 Tamiya King Tiger tanks over the years as they are easier to acquire. And I like Tamiya the best as I am building it from the ground up and I can easily make modifications. I will get some pictures in the Gallery of past build and the one I am working on now.
  21. Hi mate - welcome to the community. We are only small at this stage but growing. The Taigen metal Tiger I is a nice tank. I had one myself for a while. Feel free to post some pics in the Members Gallery
  22. Bit of a newby to the world of RC Tanks but hoping to learn if at age 75 ain’t to late.just purchased my 2nd Panzer a Taigen metal edition Tiger 1 mid version.air soft with barrel recoil... 1st being a HL Panzer III
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