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  3. this is the wiring plug there is a 3 pin plug i am not sure how separate the wiring to match with the 7.0
  4. please let me know if you decide to try to hook up the 7.0 reciever.. do not be intimidated it is not that hard.
  5. the date in the battery box does not help me .. what i need is the version number of the receiver. it does not seem to be version 6.0. do you have the instruction that would have come with the tank? if you do have it. you could use that wiring diagram to hook up you version 7 receiver and then your 7.0 radio would work. i think it is version 5.3 but i am not 100% sure. the picture below is the 5.3 wiring diagram. i hope this helps you.
  6. the date inside battery box says 2015
  7. thank you for the information here is a picture of the receiver
  8. how old is the older panther? i know i have seen version 6.0 and 6.1 transmitters on ebay. i will attach the 6.0 and the 6.1 wiring diagram for you . i hope this helps. if you have the 7.0 diagram try using the charts for the version you have to guide you were to plug them in on the 7.0. if you think you have a 6.0 or a 6.1 you should have what you need. if you know for sure you need a version 6.0 radio here is a link where to buy one link here before you buy a transmitter you must know what version you have in the tank. let me know this works for you .
  9. Hi I'm new to this group I have a older heng long german panther 2.4ghz and i bought 7.0 tx and rx but all the wiring dose not match and would like to find a transmitter that will work with original receiver
  10. Yup it do , lol. But the ute/pick up is just about done in so my next car will have to be able to fit it in the boot . Cheers .
  11. you must see these video of the israel beast link here this think looks like you could put as kid in it. more second link..
  12. hiya.. and welcome .. i liked your tank description  as well as the fact you do 3d printing.. i am new to 3d printing, but what i have made has seem to come out  pretty dam good i am debating on trying to print a entire rc tank, except for barrel and track i want those to be metal.. i was wondering if you knew a source for stl files of a israseli merkava. i have been told the files are out there but havn't found them yet..  any info you can give me will be appreciated

  13. thats good to know.. can i asked what you purchased?, i didn't see much ww2 stuff ,i am looking for a german ww2 command antenna for my taigen tiger 1 ,, awhile back i bought one that did not hold up it was from poland. i have been lookingfor one for a long time and can't seem to find one.
  14. That's cool. Fits nicley in the back of the ute as well
  15. Yes - i have purchased a thing or 2 from Carson - pretty good quality stuff in my experience.
  16. the tanks in the video must be from germany, they go all out on the rc tanks , even more so than the brits.
  17. hey guys i found a few nice add ons for the abrams if you have one the first link is a package of goodies link here this is the one i want to get the laser range finder works and the ir sensors moves here is the link for that laser ragefinder link this site has alot of goodies, most of it that i saw was 3d printed. i got a 3d printer a couple of months back. well i won it in a raffel next week when i get the proper filament i am going to try and print some parts for the tanks i already own. if that goes well i will buy the files and print a entire tank.. i hope thinks
  18. I'm driving the tank thru a Sabertooth 2X12A as the tank is not very heavy for a big tank . I'm a Clark TK24S for sounds and other functions , she'll have engine smoke, cannon smoke and flash , the MG's will strobe too , recoil a whole bunch of stuff. I've got to send my radio back to HobbyKing as they sent me a dud TGY-i6S . Cheers mate .
  19. Hi mate - welcome to the forum. M4 looks interesting. What electrics are you using?
  20. Awesome timing , I just checked my intro as you posted . Yea I've printed off quite a bit of my parts , mostly the STL's from Ryan at Spyker workshops and some other sourced STL's I've upscaled from 1/10 to 1/6 . She's going to be a M4A3E4(76) as all I've got to do is add a little barrel length to make her a 76 mm gun (from STL's) . She is big I actually pulled a hamstring putting her up there as I didn't take out the lead acid batteries and as I stretched out to put her in the tray it went pop lol. This is an M4A3E4 picture in Japan after they re-upped the M4A3's to get the 76's i
  21. Welcome Biashpere1, That Sherman is massive - how are you going for parts for it - or are you printing your own?
  22. Not new to RC tanks , I went to sign in to the Ozzy site and it sent me here . I build all sorts of stuff from 3D printed Ships and a Tiger 2 or two at 1/10 and 1/8 . Currently RC'ing a Dragon 1/6 Sherman . Cheers guys .
  23. Agreed. Some great looking tanks in that lot.
  24. some very nice things in this video check it out guy .. its worth the time. i especially like the anti mine plow here is the link here
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