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  2. Erm, it’s still quiet!! any shows or new projects on the go folks ?
  3. There is a lot of files available on other forums. Most are free to non profit users. Thingverse also has STL files but they are usually a commercial venture.
  4. hey.. does anyone 3d print rc tank stuff? i just bought a 3d printer, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find rc tanks files. i know they are out there but i havn't had any luck finding them. any help will be appreciated thanks
  5. i have seen alot of that lately. new companies i never heard of before selling heng longs on amazon.. here are some names ever hear of these companies? UTYING, KSOVVOO,ROIY, MOCI,. I have never heard of any of these companies
  6. dam nice , i like it alot.. the ruskies could probably use that in the ukraine right about now
  7. Looks like the Hooben Cromwell under a different 'brand name'.
  8. Thanks Mr Tanker, it was worth the effort to get the final result
  9. Beautiful. I have never owned a black GS
  10. in my experience with 3d parts - they are good. It does depend on the print though. anything printed in resin looks alot better than anything printed in PLA - just my opinion. eastcoastarmory have been around for a long time as well. I thought they only did the larger scale stuff like 1/6 etc.
  11. Hi zombie, That Panzer 3 looks great. Welcome to the forum.
  12. i found a great site for 1/16 tank accessories .. can't believe it is in america.. the link says shermans but there are tiger parts and other tanks parts to .. all of the stuff is 3d printed. here is the link. if you have some time take a look at it . he has things i havn't seen anywhere else.. he even has the impossble to find german command antenna. i never tried 3d printed parts but i may ,after i do some research.
  13. i like it, the skirts are nice. hi zombie .. i'm from pennsylvania nice to meet ya
  14. i saw a cromwell 1/16 on aliexpress link here
  15. i don't have any of vito on the computer .. but my mom wanted a new shepherd, so i got a pure black one.. she was a rescue. she was very sick with heartworm.. but mom loved her and well she is family now so i spent alot of money .. she is all healthy now.. she has the look of the devil in her eye.. she is strong very strong. my other dog was afraid of my tanks.. not shadow she march along with them when i drive them in the yard.
  16. hi guys i came across a hooben 1/16 tiger 1 michael wittman rc tank .. it needs work. i am in need of one very cosmetic part, but it is still important to me. i need the command antenna. it is not functional. it is the antenna that at the top 5 or 6 antenna come off it in all different directions. i checked hooben website and i am waiting for a reply. if anyone knows where i could find this antenna.. please tell me . i know there is a polish company that makes a 1/16 antenna like i have described, but it is a real pain in the ass putting together.. any help will be g
  17. That is awesome - i love budget tanking. So many talented modelers.
  18. Sure is quiet - not sure whats happened to everyone. I guess there are a few different rc tank forums - not to mention 'The Facebook'.
  19. G'day folks, anyone got anything going on / sure has been quiet for a while........
  20. https://www.reddit.com/r/TankPorn/?f=flair_name%3A"Russo-Ukrainian War" Got all I need right in here !
  21. G'day folks, does anyone have any pictures of combatants vehicles from the current conflict in Eastern Europe ? I'm not interested in a political discussion, rather images of any modern MBT's that we might find useful in model building . Ive seen what appear to be T72's with slat armour over the turret that was slapped on. Things like that.
  22. Did any of you ever have an idler post bust? ( not the gear post) I have had it happen 3 times on 2 Heng Long tanks.
  23. No flashing lights. I've held that button down for 30 seconds...
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