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  1. Hi mate - welcome to the forum. M4 looks interesting. What electrics are you using?
  2. Agreed. Some great looking tanks in that lot.
  3. Looks like the Hooben Cromwell under a different 'brand name'.
  4. That is awesome - i love budget tanking. So many talented modelers.
  5. Sure is quiet - not sure whats happened to everyone. I guess there are a few different rc tank forums - not to mention 'The Facebook'.
  6. Hi there, Welcome to the forum. I like the P3 with the Schurzen fitted.
  7. Sounds like you've tried most of the regular troubleshooting tips. Just a couple of things you haven't mentioned. Are the headlights on the tank flashing when you power on the tank - before trying to bind? Are you holding the lock button down after powering on the tank, until you here sound from the tank or the lights stay on and no longer flash (this can sometimes take 3-5 seconds and does not happen instantly)?
  8. No worries mate. I have often checked JayCar as a sort of 'Hail Mary' option for bits n peices.
  9. Very nice mate - how did you find the Atak Zimm? Great looking result
  10. HI mate, Have ya tried Hobby King? SOme of their servo stock will ship from oz. I also have seen 9g servos at JayCar beleive it or not.
  11. Yeah i wouldnt mind a Cent either. Would be nice to have the Mk3 sitting alongside my Leopard and M1
  12. Hi Chris, Welcome aboard. Would love to see a pic or 2 of your tanks. I am yet to get a Challenger 2.
  13. Hehe - yep first release Hooben T55 were indeed shit. I still have mine but im too afraid to touch it
  14. Hi Professor, Welcome aboard. Enjoy your island holiday
  15. WoW - nice collection mate. I REALLY like the first King Tiger, the Super Pershing, the winter Tiger and that StuG
  16. Hi Tankboy, Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your builds.
  17. Hi there, Welcome aboard - can't wait to see your builds.
  18. Hi there, Welcome aboard. What part of the world are you from?
  19. Yeah lockdowns in Australia are used as a control measure early on to prevent large outbreaks - where as in places like the USA, UK and many others, Lockdowns seemed to be introduced later on as a way to reduce a larger outbreak. Two different systems, but the essence of a lockdown is the same in both - very frustrating.
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