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  1. .. hmmm . i know nothing about hooben... but i got to honest i have 3 heng longs and one of them was a total nightmare. i'll cross my fingers and pray for taigen to make ine.. i am gun shy now with the heng longs.
  2. has anyone actually seen the hooben merkava tank yet.. i mean not on the internet. in a store.. i have been looking in the states and havn't had any luck finding one, with biden over here screwing everything up, i am very reluctant to order one from overseas
  3. i tell you herman, i don't know much about discharge pressure and that kind of thing but i do know when it was all over it was not pretty. i like the glow plug idea to get it going. the fact i am a very stubborn yanks means i can't just drop this yet. i saw a guy on youtube had one and it worked perfectly... either that or he edited the video. if i can find another cheap used tank, prefferable a sherman i think might work best, then i will give it a 3rd try .. after the 3 time is supposed to be the charm.
  4. herman gave good advice.. i did see a v 6.1 board kit with transmitter on ebay for about 50 us dollars. i don't know where your from so you might be able to find a better deal. good luck with the update
  5. i saw some russian . war slogans .. they were waterslide decals.. .. i looked for stencils my self i got those on ebay as well but they were german.. try searching custom decals and the scale your looking for. you could also check etsy.com there are alot of custom waterslide decal makers on there.. you just send then a .jpg file of what you want.. .. if you want white numbers they have to use a special waterslide decal paper for white. very good custom stuff on etsy.... i am sure there are stencil makers as well .. if your going to get a stencil made all you need is the size of the numb
  6. a few months back i mentioned trying to make a flame thrower tank like the one i saw on you tube... the first attempt did not go well.. well i bought a real cheap older heng long on ebay. my friend had a very tiny battery powered pump . the kind that is in a syphen, you know like to take jerosene our of a can and put it in the heater.. we removed the larger hose off the syphen and put a smaller nossel on it and small hose .. like in a aquarium air pump we tested it and it shot alot farther that i ever thought.. drilled a snall hole in the lower hull.. we decided we would use the need
  7. reaper is there a specific brand of moker your talking about .. it would be used on a 6.0s hl board
  8. check out this video of a german convoy the scale has to be larger than 1/16. probably 1/12 or maybe 1/6 there is some very nice rc vechicles here. the germans do make the best toys.. link here
  9. i saw something real strange on sky news about you guys still being in lockdown? if what i heard was right you have been in lock down most of the year. i don't know if sky news is reliable or not .. thats why i am asking
  10. i heard just the opposite.. about how much are they? i have seen then on e bay. i am known for forgetting they are on and having no fluid in them .. so i have gone thru2 or 3 ...
  12. i ordered some about 9 months ago i think it was from australia i think it was bnamodelworld.com.. if they don't have it try 1001hobbies.com
  13. a few months ago i lost my friend of 13 years my (gs) dog vito.. vito had one flaw he hated my rc tanks i would get them out and he would go in his crate. a month or so back i rescued a female german shepherd.. i found out she has heart worm.. well i been dealing with that . it is brutal to a dog , but as of yesterday she us back home. one of the best thing about shawdow is she oves to walk along with my tanks... today i took out my taigen. and drove it a bit , as sick as she was feeling she was matching along side it.. i have not had much time for anything but taking care of
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