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  1. Hi Ray. Unfortunately the 6 series boards are not comaptible with the Tk7 series radios.
  2. It's official SIGN ME UP Listed on Tamiya/Japan here: https://www.tamiya.com/japan/products/56044/index.html?fbclid=IwAR07vT1gBt3qcm3PhmgQUG49XnOv7Jrahohn2hZwWIR7mwEooe6J1arqmq0 ...and on the Tamiya Blog here: https://tamiyablog.com/2021/11/full-details-of-upcoming-tamiya-56044-1-16-rc-british-battle-tank-centurion-mk-iii-full-option-complete-kit/
  3. What a beast - thanks for sharing this one mate - its a beauty.
  4. Hi Baz, Great to have you onboard mate.
  5. Welcome mate, Glad to have you and the club here
  6. Welcome TANKBOY, Glad to have you onboard mate
  7. Hi mate, Are you referring to the input on the bottom right corner of the board for the rear tail lights? I don't have any of the boards here at the moment to check - but from memory the plug is only slightly smaller for the lights at about a 2mm pitch or 0.7/0.8 of an inch.
  8. Hi mate, The changes from the TK6.0 to the TK6.0s were as follows: Optional dual current driving system - Gives you the ability to use a dual current gearbox (single drive motor and single steering motor) Switchable Stick layout - Single stick drive or dual stick drive Switchable front/rear lights (in sync not separate) The TK6.1 adds support for servos (recoil and elevation) as well as 2S-3S 7.4-11.1V LiPo support. There are also additional plugs for canon stabiliser (Heng Long branded 2 pin only) and light sensor. The TK7.0 has the following
  9. Hi everyone, I am very happy to announce the release of our own range of decals. To kick things off i have NEW sets for the ADF M1A1 AIM tank in both 1/16 scale and 1/35 scale. Two of the new sets are for the local tanks here in Brisbane from 2/14 LHR (QMI) 'C' Squadron. I also have a newer set for 1 AR 'B' Squadron. These sets are post Plan Beersheba and i have more in the works to be released soon, including tanks from 2 CAV. In addition our new sets, we are offering refreshed sets that were previously available from Mouse House Decals, including the Leopa
  10. Hi guys, Just wanted to mention that OzArmour is now stocking a range of airbrush ready paints from The Scale Modellers Supply or SMS Paints. Initially i have tried to order the more popular colours for paints this German, Russian, Australian and American tank. However, the range will be expandng with every order so there will be plenty more coming in the next few months. You can check them out here: https://www.ozarmour.com.au/store/scalemodellerssupplysmspaints.html
  11. Hi Matt, Welcome to RC Tank World. What radio and receiver did you purchase? Is it just a matter of the channel cables from the DMD do not fit into the receiver you have purchased (ie: the plugs on the channel cables have little tabs on the side that do not fit into the receiver? The Tamiya DMD channel cables have the 'Futaba J style' connectors with a little tab on the side (see pic), because the radios Tamiya use to sell for these Full Option kits are Futaba branded. If your receiver is a Universal/JR type (without the tabs on the side) then the DMD channel
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