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  1. Hi Rouhhie, Welcome to the forum.
  2. I thought the connections were the same between the 6.0 and the 6.0s. The 6.0s just had a couple of new options that were configurable using the radio. Like 2 stick driving etc...
  3. It really is good to see how far these 'cheaper tanks' have come. I am finding it harder to justify the Tamya money now when i see these new features in other brands.
  4. Hi DEBADGE - welcome to the forum.
  5. Hi Kevin, Welcome. I had a tamiya sherman at one stage - i kinda regret selling it actually It was a good runner.
  6. Hi Gary, I have seen you guys on FB. Nice to see you here. Hope to see some pics of the club meets.
  7. Hi Panzer Red, Welcome aboard. Taigen have some cool versions of the Tiger I. What paint scheme came on your metal Tiger I?
  8. Hi Steven, Welcome aboard. Looking forward to seeing some pics. Someone with your experience would have gathered some modelling wisdom over the years. I am also a German armour fan. Love the King Tiger.
  9. Hi everyone, I got a T55. It is one of the original release ones that i bought from a friend of a friend. I have done some research and discovered that the newer ones have different electrics in them - Clark i think. I am not sure what mine has in it - definitely NOT Clark. Can anyone tell me if the Clark T55 from their site is the same as the Hooben T55 board that comes with the tanks? Surely it would be. Clarks T55 is cheaper than Hoobens T55 control board Cheers Wayne
  10. Hi everyone, I was just after some advice on which one to get as i have 2 tanks that i am upgrading the electrics in. A Sherman and a Panther G. I am leaning towards the newer Heng Long 6.0 - but i wanted to get anyones opinion/advice on the Taigen boards - specifically the V3 version. Cheers
  11. Thanks guys. I know it was a while ago now - but i ended up sticking with iOS.
  12. A hairy one, please excuse my ignorance if the answer is simple. I am still learning about radio control electrics. But can I still use my RX18 in my Panzer 3 and convert it to 2.4ghz? Thanks chaps.
  13. Hmmm, it's an interesting choice that's for sure. I dont think i will worry about getting one, but they do look very nice.
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