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  1. Yup it do , lol. But the ute/pick up is just about done in so my next car will have to be able to fit it in the boot . Cheers .
  2. hiya.. and welcome .. i liked your tank description  as well as the fact you do 3d printing.. i am new to 3d printing, but what i have made has seem to come out  pretty dam good i am debating on trying to print a entire rc tank, except for barrel and track i want those to be metal.. i was wondering if you knew a source for stl files of a israseli merkava. i have been told the files are out there but havn't found them yet..  any info you can give me will be appreciated

  3. I'm driving the tank thru a Sabertooth 2X12A as the tank is not very heavy for a big tank . I'm a Clark TK24S for sounds and other functions , she'll have engine smoke, cannon smoke and flash , the MG's will strobe too , recoil a whole bunch of stuff. I've got to send my radio back to HobbyKing as they sent me a dud TGY-i6S . Cheers mate .
  4. Awesome timing , I just checked my intro as you posted . Yea I've printed off quite a bit of my parts , mostly the STL's from Ryan at Spyker workshops and some other sourced STL's I've upscaled from 1/10 to 1/6 . She's going to be a M4A3E4(76) as all I've got to do is add a little barrel length to make her a 76 mm gun (from STL's) . She is big I actually pulled a hamstring putting her up there as I didn't take out the lead acid batteries and as I stretched out to put her in the tray it went pop lol. This is an M4A3E4 picture in Japan after they re-upped the M4A3's to get the 76's i
  5. Not new to RC tanks , I went to sign in to the Ozzy site and it sent me here . I build all sorts of stuff from 3D printed Ships and a Tiger 2 or two at 1/10 and 1/8 . Currently RC'ing a Dragon 1/6 Sherman . Cheers guys .
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