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  1. Erm, it’s still quiet!! any shows or new projects on the go folks ?
  2. There is a lot of files available on other forums. Most are free to non profit users. Thingverse also has STL files but they are usually a commercial venture.
  3. Thanks Mr Tanker, it was worth the effort to get the final result
  4. G'day folks, anyone got anything going on / sure has been quiet for a while........
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/TankPorn/?f=flair_name%3A"Russo-Ukrainian War" Got all I need right in here !
  6. G'day folks, does anyone have any pictures of combatants vehicles from the current conflict in Eastern Europe ? I'm not interested in a political discussion, rather images of any modern MBT's that we might find useful in model building . Ive seen what appear to be T72's with slat armour over the turret that was slapped on. Things like that.
  7. Jaycar do have them but out of stock ! Order placed do I should be back in action in a week or so . thanks for the heads up, I would never have considered them otherwise
  8. Jaycar!!, well I never even considered them. I will get in an see tomorrow.
  9. I got the Atak over 18 months ago from Forgebear in England. I know its hard to get now & if I had have known that then, I would have got more . The stuff can be got, but only direct from Atak themselves.
  10. G'day all, micro servo's seem to be in short supply just now. Using the H/L 6.1s board which has servo control, seem to be in ok supply at the moment, but the servo's are thin on the ground. Anyone got any inside skinny on a supply in Aus ?
  11. Welcome along Mr Monty, it should be easier to add pictures now. be great to see what you have
  12. I reckon the Panther is the most detailed of all the German tanks. more sticking out than an overstuffed crab pot. all the tool brackets are scratched from left over sprue and the rest is made as required. was my first go at Atak Zimmerit and Voyager PE, I will never do PE again if I can avoid it !!!
  13. An H/L G that was altered to be an early G with no crew heater, no chin mantlet and Zimmerit. The relic tank is in poor condition, thankfully it’s being restored to respectable static display so who knows, if this disease ever ends, I might be able to go back & see how it looks !!
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