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  1. Esteemed Mr Edelweiss, very happy to see you along here.
  2. G'day Mr Baz, thanks for getting on board
  3. there is a guy in the U.S. wit one, and from his write ups, its not worth worrying about. Wait for the H/L to come out.
  4. Depending on whats available will dictate what is required to make the change successful. The later H/L offerings are much easier to get working than the older 2.4G stuff. I suggest a 6.1s board, with a transmitter and wiring kit. Then you can change it over with the least amount of hassle. Also, once you have the V6 transmitter, many tanks can be paired to that transmitter if required. However, V7 boards will not be compatible with V6 transmitters(which is no loss unless its a modern tank) a 6.1s can operate the old elevation and rotation components, as well as support servo operation if
  5. Anyone know of a good place to get Russian tank marking/numbering stencils at all ? They seem rare. Some options for decals, but nothing that I can find for 16th scale stencils.
  6. Im not a modern tank fan, but these are quite iconic. I imagine in a short time one of the mass production houses will also make one. I know Haya has been working on his for a long time already. Plenty of scope for model builders to get something different. Cost of the typical Tamy will be a limiting factor for many though I expect/.
  7. I also experimented with a similar method. An aquarium pump though. I tried an rc car glow plug to ignite the propellant each time, to varying success. I suspect that your system had constant discharge pressure for the first tank, then somehow on the second, the ignited fuel remained ignited after the pressure dropped, perhaps allowing the supply path to be tracked back to the tank by burning fuel. Resulting in the Boom. I never progressed, but some sort of one direction shut off valve should be installed in the system to prevent "back-burn" once the flow of fuel has been turned off.
  8. That sure does have a lot going on. Very creative.
  9. love it. These Assault guns are a real statement of brute force.
  10. Gun, need more gun !! It runs as good as it looks
  11. Any win followed by a good drink is a landmark day ! I shot up a computer years ago that I just could not make work.............never let frustration cost an asset eh !!
  12. G'day folks, looking for a supply of 3mm wide x .5mm thick or close to it brass strip material, usually available from good hobby outlets, but seems they only stock larger sizes, way too wide for tool racks & track bars on German tanks. Anyone have a heads up on finding any in Aus ? Cheers
  13. Im thinking it wont be tropical on that island Prof!, Bung some recent pics up of your gear when you get back
  14. Glad you made it along mate, lets see if we can get the local content flowing
  15. I have the Taigen JS2. Waiting to be customised, but out of the box its a heavy & well built model. The V3 sound module is great too. Cost a lot to get it from Forgebear Tanks in the U.K. but still less than a Tamy version. Will be a while before I get to modifying it, but its a great runner out of the box.
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