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  1. Any win followed by a good drink is a landmark day ! I shot up a computer years ago that I just could not make work.............never let frustration cost an asset eh !!
  2. G'day folks, looking for a supply of 3mm wide x .5mm thick or close to it brass strip material, usually available from good hobby outlets, but seems they only stock larger sizes, way too wide for tool racks & track bars on German tanks. Anyone have a heads up on finding any in Aus ? Cheers
  3. Im thinking it wont be tropical on that island Prof!, Bung some recent pics up of your gear when you get back
  4. Glad you made it along mate, lets see if we can get the local content flowing
  5. I have the Taigen JS2. Waiting to be customised, but out of the box its a heavy & well built model. The V3 sound module is great too. Cost a lot to get it from Forgebear Tanks in the U.K. but still less than a Tamy version. Will be a while before I get to modifying it, but its a great runner out of the box.
  6. Cheers. Its a start & lets see where it goes. Looks like this place has been going a while. I assume its U.S. based with various international contributors ?
  7. I have the 6.1s and they have all the other features, plus support servos. In the perfect world, H/L would make their next version same as a 6.1s but with a sound card that Taigen have. That way we get the best control options without sacrificing good sound.
  8. Hi all, keen to give this a try. Greetings from the warm Gold Coast of Australia out of NZ. Have an interest in German & Soviet tanks, happy to build, no good with electronics !
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