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  1. Hey Prof, welcome! Your holiday description immediately draws to mind the first description I read of the the Great Lakes in Robert Manry's book 'Tinkerbelle'. I received three compilation books for a teenage birthday - one each for air, land and sea warfare. The air book had Paul Brickhill's 'Reach for the Sky', and the sea book had Tinkerbelle, Malta Convoy and Unbroken. Not being a military story, it wasn't until I was bored one day that I read Tinkerbelle. However it was a great story of an ordinary Dad learning to sail on Lake Erie and eventually sailing solo across the Atlant
  2. Thanks guys, look forward to the forum growing.
  3. Hi guys, I can't believe 56 members and no-one is building? This build is in another forum, so excuse the duplication, but it looks like some content might be useful. My favourite war movie from when I was a kid is 'Play Dirty'. While I find 'Kelly's Heroes' silly now, Play Dirty holds up for me still. The plot of the movie is a bunch of British commandos with Michael Caine and Nigel Davenport, being sent across the desert in a jeep and two light trucks to blow up a fuel depot. The unit is dressed as Italians to fool any local Bedouin they may encounter and the trucks a
  4. Hi all, nice to see an Aussie forum up and running. I got an invite from Herman Bix, so I signed up. I have five Heng Long tanks and two WPL trucks in various stages of progress. I haven't found anyone else in the Illawarra who has RC tanks, although my local hobby store sells them. Consequently I'm not into battling - I just like them as large scale working models. Cheers, Brett
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