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  1. Hi, I’m  British, but living in France. Always had an interest in all subjects military, especially WWII and Nelsons navy.i was once priveledged to have a private tour of Bovingdon, and was able to climb around all of the tanks at leisure. 

    My Father was a Polish conscript in the Wermacht, and fought in Russia with the Panzer Grenadiers until wounded( not fatally)When he returned to Germany he became a Sturmgeschütz III driver until captured near Remargen.

    All the rest is boring stuff, I just got into RC tanks and enjoying the research as much as the models

  2. Hi I have recently purchased a Heng Long Stug III, but was dissapointed to find, A. The Loaders hatch does not open, despite pics on the Internet, and even on the packaging. B. The mg flashes from the drivers visor! Looks stupid. I took the top off, which is dead easy on this model, only 5 or 6 screws, and I found it was possible to remove the led, and feed in into the gun mantlet. I drilled a hole Approx 3mm in the location where the coaxial gun( when Fitted) was mounted. It is tight but with a piece of thin string taped to the led i was able to route it to the front of the mantlet
  3. Hi i am new to this forum, having just purchased my first Tamiya 1:16 tank, the Pershing M26. i am very pleased so far. I notice that there is a hole in the main gun mantlet for the coaxial MG. Is it possible to fit a second LED in this hole to show the flash through. I’m sure it’s physically possible but I’m not sure whether I can couple another LED with the existing one. has anyone done this before. I an get another led on line but I don’t want to damage the pcb. Regards winalot
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