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  1. No flashing lights. I've held that button down for 30 seconds...
  2. Thank you PG, Almost all the improvisations are homemade... budget tanking! The Schurzen was a piece of galvanized channeling I cut to shape, and torched some nails onto as hangers.
  3. I just replaced the receiver in my PZKW III and cannot get it to bind. Turn on transmitter, hold lock button, turn on tank. Nothing. Confirmed power switch works. Confirmed voltage is getting to the Rx. Confirmed CN1 is closed. Turned on power, removed CN1, TX on, hold lock button, insert CN1... nothing. Reset Tx, still no synch Both Tx & Rx are TK-7.0 So I decide to sanity check and put the old Rx back in... and in my haste swapped the + and - leads. No smoke, but I doubt it has reverse voltage protection... any way it's now dead too. Updat
  4. Good day tankers, another old fart here who got into RC Tanking. I was chasing some threads on why I can't get my HL PZKW3 to bind, and it landed me here. I'll create a full post on it, I have two Tx and two Rx, which both at some time worked but not neither will talk to either.
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