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Taigen To Release 1/16 JS-2 And Leopard 2A6

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I have the Taigen JS2. Waiting to be customised, but out of the box its a heavy & well built model.

The V3 sound module is great too. Cost a lot to get it from Forgebear Tanks in the U.K. but still less than a Tamy version.

Will be a while before I get to modifying it, but its a great runner out of the box.

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    • By PanzerGrenadier
      Tamiya have discontinued the 1/16 Jagdpanther kit. 
      Very sad as the JP was a great tank to run around. Snap one up now if ya can.
      Original link is now dead in the water:
      Here is the link to the discontinued kit:
    • By PanzerGrenadier
      So here's some news that has been doing the rounds on FB.
      This pic is from the TamiyaBlog site and shows the latest 1/16 RC Tank Full Option kit release from Tamiya - the M551 Sheridan - kit number 56043
      As usual there will be a ton more pics after the 2019 Nuremberg Toy Fair in early FEB.

    • By PanzerGrenadier
      Another discontinued Tamiya 1/16 kit. The 'Bovington 131' Tiger I kit.
      Although - this one was always advertised as 'Limited Edition'.
    • By Reaper332
      Word around the bubbler is tamiya are releasing a 1/16 rc Abrams soon
    • By PanzerGrenadier
      Manual for the 1977 Kit From Tamiya
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