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Welcome To RC Tank World

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I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the RC Tank World community.

The idea behind this site and its community, is to provide radio controlled tank and military vehicle enthusiasts with a place to share the hobby with each other in a fun and friendly environment. Here is a brief overview of the different areas of this site.



Being a member of this friendly community allows you to participate in the fun and share your story in this hobby. Whether it's your latest build, or just some pics showing off your new purchase you can post it all here with us.  You will find some refreshing features in our forum like:

  • Enhanced member security like 2 Factor Authentication and Device Login History etc.
  • Follow blogs and forum threads - stay up to date with new posts for your favorite content.



This is our modern style forum with all the modern features you may find on a social network (without the bad stuff  😊). As we get more content in the forum, we will add sub-forums to organise it a little to make browsing or finding something easier.



A great alternative for sharing your build with the community. With a blog, you have greater control over sharing your build. All comments are placed at the bottom of a post so members can view your build as it was intended and not interrupted with comments as can be the case in a forum thread. 



This is our download section. Manuals, colour charts, reference material and much more can be obtained from the Library section. This avoids scrolling through pages of threads and posts to find the info you need. If something is posted in the forum that we think would be better suited to the Archives, we will move it there. This section is operational now - however still under construction, so stay tuned for more content



This is our version of the groups feature on Facebook. Groups allow members to create little communities of particular interest that are seperate from the main forum. Great for RC Tank clubs to have their own separate area. Much like Facebook Groups - Group/Club owners can make the club public or private and share information as they see fit. 


We have a lot more planned and in the works already for this community, and we would love you to come on board for the ride. Stay tuned for updates.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you stick around.


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