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Hello to you all in Australia, New Zealand, the US and who knows where else.  I am the same Herr Dr. Professor who shows up on RC Tank Warfare and was on Hobby Havoc for some years.  I recognize many of you already.  Hmm...  My tanks are still largely "production stock" Taigen/Torro" with some modest repainting, stowage, and weathering.  Most are converted to V3 Taigen electronics.  I also paint figures and accessories.  At present, I am starting on a WCP "4X4 light truck."  This will finally let me muddle up some electronics.  I will be quiet for about a week, as after three years, I am getting to do a bit of a holiday on an island--Mackinac Island in Michigan, US, about 300 miles from my home.  Nope, no pretty sunbathers, just pretty autumn trees and walking your feet off.


(For those of you unfamiliar, the "Herr Dr. Professor" is a highly formal German title.  I am retired from a long and fine career as a prof and more, but "hey" was more usually how I was addressed.😄)

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Hey Prof, welcome!


Your holiday description immediately draws to mind the first description I read of the the Great Lakes in Robert Manry's book 'Tinkerbelle'. I received three compilation books for a teenage birthday - one each for air, land and sea warfare. The air book had Paul Brickhill's 'Reach for the Sky', and the sea book had Tinkerbelle, Malta Convoy and Unbroken. Not being a military story, it wasn't until I was bored one day that I read Tinkerbelle. However it was a great story of an ordinary Dad learning to sail on Lake Erie and eventually sailing solo across the Atlantic.

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