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my new german shepherd

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a few months ago i lost my friend of 13 years my (gs) dog vito.. vito had one flaw he hated my rc tanks i would get them out and he would go in his crate.

a month or so back i rescued a female german shepherd..  i found out she has heart worm.. well i been dealing with that . it is brutal to a dog , but as of yesterday she us back home.

 one of the best thing about shawdow is she oves to walk along with my tanks... today i took out my taigen. and drove it a bit , as sick as she was feeling she was matching along side it..

i have not had much time for anything but taking care of her.. in america they say you don't rescue a dog , it rescues you..  that is true..  if i can get shadown to pose i will post her pic with a few tanks ... after all a german shepherd should be with tiger tanks.

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I love German Shepards. WOuld love to see a pic.

I have had several over the years and was thinking of another one this year sometime when i get my fences fixed 🤔

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