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Moving LED Heng Long Stug III

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I have recently purchased a Heng Long Stug III, but was dissapointed to find, A. The Loaders hatch does not open, despite pics on the Internet, and even on the packaging.

B. The mg flashes from the drivers visor! Looks stupid. I took the top off, which is dead easy on this model, only 5 or 6 screws, and I found it was possible to remove the led, and feed in into the gun mantlet. I drilled a hole Approx 3mm in the location where the coaxial gun( when Fitted) was mounted. It is tight but with a piece of thin string taped to the led i was able to route it to the front of the mantlet ,next to my hole.

i fixed it in place by pushing foam into the gap. It works fine, and looks good. I finished it off by fitting a tarpaulin weather shield made from old jeans, to hide the wire. Up and down movement is not restricted either.

hope it helps somebody.


i can post a picture if I can find out how, only just joined this forum!

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Hi Winalot,


Welcome to the forum. Great to have you onboard.

That's interesting about the StuG hatch. Mine opens up but mine is also quite old. Perhaps Heng Long have changed it for newer versions.


Would love to see a pic of the MG. You can post pics by dragging them straight into the section underneath where you type your post or you can click on the 'choose files' option there also to browse your device/PC/Mac etc... I have included a pic of it below.

I hope that helps.


Screen Shot 2020-10-10 at 2.13.51 pm.png

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