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Hi I'm new to this group I have a older heng long german panther 2.4ghz and i  bought 7.0 tx and rx  but all the wiring dose not match and would like to find a transmitter that will work with original receiver

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how old is the older panther? i know i have seen  version 6.0 and 6.1 transmitters on ebay.  i will attach the 6.0 and the 6.1 wiring diagram for you . i hope this helps.  if you have the 7.0 diagram  try using the charts for the version you have to guide you were to plug them in on the 7.0. if you think you have a 6.0 or a 6.1 you should have what you need.   if you know for sure you need a version 6.0 radio here is a link where to buy one link here     before you buy a transmitter you must know what version you have in the tank.  let me know this works for you .



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the date in the battery box does not help me .. what i need is the version number of the receiver.

it does not seem to be version 6.0. do you have the instruction that would have come with the tank? if you do

have it. you could use that wiring diagram  to hook up you version 7 receiver and then your  7.0 radio would work.

 i think it is version 5.3 but i am not 100% sure. the picture below is the 5.3 wiring diagram. i hope this helps you.RX18 Wiring.jpg

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