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transmitter, motherboard upgrade

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Depending on whats available will dictate what is required to make the change successful. The later H/L offerings are much easier to get working than the older 2.4G stuff. I suggest a 6.1s board, with a transmitter and wiring kit. Then you can change it over with the least amount of hassle. Also, once you have the V6 transmitter, many tanks can be paired to that transmitter if required. However, V7 boards will not be compatible with V6 transmitters(which is no loss unless its a modern tank)

a 6.1s can operate the old elevation and rotation components, as well as support servo operation if you like.

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herman gave good advice.. i did see a v 6.1 board kit with transmitter on ebay for about 50 us dollars. i don't know where your from so you  might be able to find a better deal.

good luck with the update

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