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G'day lads.

Now I'm posting this as an abbreviated build just to get the hang of posting pictures in here with a view to more regular contributions.


For starters, IO cant praise the base Taigen model any higher. As with all brands, they have weaknesses & things we wish they would or wouldnt do, but this is a very high quality & affordable version with all the fruit.

Having an all metal turret seems a great idea, but that being said, it makes thinks hard to modify, and, adds weight which affects shipping costs from overseas!!


Ive done a fair few cosmetic mods to it, including removing guards that all the overseas purchasers seem to have broken off in the shipping process, sad for them as the first thing I did was hook in & cut mine off .

Pics as soon as I can work out how.


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After a liberal coating of Tamiya putty mixed with mr surfacer 500 paste, the rough cast look is about right.

I also altered the barrel travel lock to make it functional.

fuel tanks all gone along with most of the guards !

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Base primer of red to cover the putty, but I also used a gun metal spray to use as a highlight for the home made 4BO topcoat over shading.

next is the markings & weathering.

The slogan and numbers are hand painted, as Im sure they were in the day.

I seal all my builds in clear so that the acrylic is not upset by any nasty washes or other products I tend to use.

Plus it makes the finish more resistant to the terrible finger marks these are subjected too in use.







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Also mucked around with a looted table setting and Cognac barrel as stowage, but it’s been made removable so the turret can go 360 if required.

The JS is about gun, when an 85mm just ain’t enough, add more gun!! 


that’s my Taigen JS2 in a compressed thread !!

thanks for checking in 



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