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Two Transmit, or not Two Transmit, that is the Question.

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I just replaced the receiver in my PZKW III and cannot get it to bind.
Turn on transmitter, hold lock button, turn on tank. Nothing.

Confirmed power switch works.

Confirmed voltage is getting to the Rx.

Confirmed CN1 is closed.

Turned on power, removed CN1, TX on, hold lock button, insert CN1... nothing.

Reset Tx, still no synch

Both Tx & Rx are TK-7.0

So I decide to sanity check and put the old Rx back in... and in my haste swapped the + and - leads. No smoke, but I doubt it has reverse voltage protection... any way it's now dead too.


Update, I got the matching transmitter to the new receiver, the actual one that was used, and it still won't bind.

So now I have two TX and two RX and neither will bind with either board...

I stripped down to raw power from the battery input and just a speaker for test, so it can't be any of the tank wiring.


Am I doing something wrong?


Does anyone know who I can consult with on this?


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Sounds like you've tried most of the regular troubleshooting tips.

Just a couple of things you haven't mentioned.

Are the headlights on the tank flashing when you power on the tank - before trying to bind?

Are you holding the lock button down after powering on the tank, until you here sound from the tank or the lights stay on and no longer flash (this can sometimes take 3-5 seconds and does not happen instantly)?


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