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new taigen arrived today

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my new taigen arrived today, it is a tiger1 (late )the paint job is very good. it has zimalite on it . the tank is truly heavy weights over 15 lbs.

the turret is metal as is the barrel and all hatches. it has barrel recoil  and barrel flash, and that flash is bright. it is the ir version.

the lower hill is metal reinforced, the tread and all wheels  and sprockets are metal, the tread are very nice. the motherboard is v 3

it came with the sound card and the sound card is awesome. it has their best motors and the smoker seems to put out alot more smoke than my heng longs.

the thing i am the most happy about is the wiring, it is very well done and they use quality wire, all the wires are wrapped well and in places were they

don't get in the way of moving parts. i like the radio alot, it uses a toggle for the smoker and engine start. the only drawbacks were the gun elevation 

must go all the way down before it goes up, the heng long is better in this respect.  the heng long has more options on the radio like turning the headlight off and on

different tank sounds and a high and low speed on the tank. i never used high speed so that didn't matter to me. i love the way you open the tank up, must better tan all those screws on the heng long. i really like this tank alot, i ordered it from imex in florida and it was delivered 2 days later. when i find my camera i will post pics

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here are a pic or two of my new taigen  tiger i late version, see why i like the way it is wired so much

i use a large 5000mah lithium battery in it so i also have a lipo alarm. everything fits inside easily.

i like the big lithium battery it runs a lot longer





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