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    • i saw new toros tanks today on the german website. the airsoft version has smoke from the barrel now, and the ir battle version has muzzle flash and smoke from the barel, the smoke can be turned off with a switch.. i do like the muzzle flash and smoke from the barrel thing.. i did my share of chasing squirrels and trying to blast them with a airsoft round,  i  do think the flash and smoke adds a little something.
    • that was a very measured reply, almost diplomatic, **smile** our so called president "biden" is a walking zombie, he mumbles when he talks, alot of what he says makes no sense at all.. he has been threatening to force people to get the vaccine.. that has people enraged over here. i don't know how much american news you see over there but , tension is rising very fast over here. americans are very stubborn, and the one think no politician should ever do in the usa is tell people something in mandatory. even if you were giving away gold bars and said it was mandatory to take them , some  people in the states would  refuse and get very very mad , just because some politician told them they had to do something.. its probably hard to understand but over here  people take that liberty and personal choice stuff very seriously, the smallest thing can  make things go boom... yesterday they made masks mandatory, and i was at the store today nooone had a mask on .. its strange  i laugh about it . but us yanks will not be told what to do. sometimes i think its really in the blood.. hang in there my friend and don't let the bureaucrarts get ya down.
    • Yeah lockdowns in Australia are used as a control measure early on to prevent large outbreaks - where as in places like the USA, UK and many others, Lockdowns seemed to be introduced later on as a way to reduce a larger outbreak. Two different systems, but the essence of a lockdown is the same in both - very frustrating.      
    • hi jerry i called my friend who works for taigen at home.. he checked for me and told me the sherman 76mm kit doesn't come with instructions. i found this hard to believe so i checked for myself and it does say that it doesn't come with instructions right on the page, i am assuming you ordered the metal kit. sorry i couldn't get the instructions for you. i will keep looking they must be out there somewhere.
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