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  1. Congrats on the purchase. I found my Tamy Pershing to be one of my best runners and also a favourite 'go-to' IR battler. To my knowledge the Tamiya MF03 does not allow additional/auxiliary LEDS to be fitted to it - which is a shame really.
  2. Hi Winalot, Welcome to the forum. Great to have you onboard. That's interesting about the StuG hatch. Mine opens up but mine is also quite old. Perhaps Heng Long have changed it for newer versions. Would love to see a pic of the MG. You can post pics by dragging them straight into the section underneath where you type your post or you can click on the 'choose files' option there also to browse your device/PC/Mac etc... I have included a pic of it below. I hope that helps.
  3. This was in the news over the weekend - looks awesome. Here is the article: https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_july_2020_global_security_army_industry/rheinmettall_unveils_new_leopard_tank_mbt_with_130mm_cannon.html
  4. Hi Dylan, Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing some pics of the E-100 - not an RC tank you see very often.
  5. Hi Gary, Welcome to RC Tank World. Nice to see VicArmour here. Looking forward to some photos of your club meets.
  6. Welcome Kevin. Nice to have you onboard. I am looking forward to seeing some photos of your tanks.
  7. IMO - the Heng Long 6.0 board is comparable to the Taigen system these days and a little cheaper by my research - so my money would probs be on 6.0 There are better systems on the market than either of them, but then you start to pay a lot more as well (ie ElMod, IBU, Clark etc.).
  8. Hi Steve, welcome to the community. Looking forward to seeing some of your work. I have enjoyed a couple of Tammy King Tigers myself over the years - regret moving them on sometimes. Tamiya is certainly a favourite.
  9. Hi mate - welcome to the community. We are only small at this stage but growing. The Taigen metal Tiger I is a nice tank. I had one myself for a while. Feel free to post some pics in the Members Gallery
  10. Hi Wayne, Here is a product that i am sure will do that: You will need a 2.4ghz radio though - you won't be able to use your HL radio http://rctanksaustralia.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=2&products_id=30 Just drop them a line first to make sure they have the stock and it will do what you want.
  11. Android for me. I have used and like iOS and use a Mac regularly - but i prefer Android on my phones.
  12. Yeah it does look good. Someones got some footage on YT of the tank at Nuremberg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca6JMva1bIc&feature=youtu.be
  13. In addition to the Terms & Conditions you agreed to upon becoming a member of this forum - here are a few simple rules and guidelines to remember when using the forum. The No. 1 Rule: Have Fun - that's why we are here. Keep it friendly While we encourage opinion and debate - please remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, a healthy respect for this will prevent debate from getting out of hand. Abuse of any kind toward fellow members and staff will NOT be tolerated. No trolling other members. If you do no like a member - you h
  14. Hi everyone. At RC Tank World, we take user account security very seriously. Even though - due to the nature of this particular forum, there is no sensitive data that we ask for or store. I wanted to talk about 2 of the security features of RC Tank World that you may not be aware of, that will ensure your account is never compromised. 2 Factor Authentication Recently Logged-In Devices 2 Factor Authentication If you are not familiar with 2 factor authentication, it is basically another security step that ensures if someone ever gets your password then
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