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  1. Hi guys, Just wanted to mention that OzArmour is now stocking a range of airbrush ready paints from The Scale Modellers Supply or SMS Paints. Initially i have tried to order the more popular colours for paints this German, Russian, Australian and American tank. However, the range will be expandng with every order so there will be plenty more coming in the next few months. You can check them out here: https://www.ozarmour.com.au/store/scalemodellerssupplysmspaints.html
  2. Hi Matt, Welcome to RC Tank World. What radio and receiver did you purchase? Is it just a matter of the channel cables from the DMD do not fit into the receiver you have purchased (ie: the plugs on the channel cables have little tabs on the side that do not fit into the receiver? The Tamiya DMD channel cables have the 'Futaba J style' connectors with a little tab on the side (see pic), because the radios Tamiya use to sell for these Full Option kits are Futaba branded. If your receiver is a Universal/JR type (without the tabs on the side) then the DMD channel
  3. This build looks familiar mate
  4. Hi Wayne, The original electrics package in the old Hooben T55 was made by SGS I believe. Not sure if they are still around, though a quick Google search shows me that some German sites are still selling their boards and stuff. The T55 board Clark sells will do the job fine. You may need to fiddle with the connections and wiring as it will differ from the SGS set up. Good luck and post up a few piccies if ya get around to it
  5. Good to see you Wayne. Looking forward to some pics of your collection
  6. I am back on android after 2 years on an iPhone. I prefer android but that is just my humble opinion.
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