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  1. I have the Taigen JS2. Waiting to be customised, but out of the box its a heavy & well built model. The V3 sound module is great too. Cost a lot to get it from Forgebear Tanks in the U.K. but still less than a Tamy version. Will be a while before I get to modifying it, but its a great runner out of the box.
  2. Cheers. Its a start & lets see where it goes. Looks like this place has been going a while. I assume its U.S. based with various international contributors ?
  3. I have the 6.1s and they have all the other features, plus support servos. In the perfect world, H/L would make their next version same as a 6.1s but with a sound card that Taigen have. That way we get the best control options without sacrificing good sound.
  4. Hi all, keen to give this a try. Greetings from the warm Gold Coast of Australia out of NZ. Have an interest in German & Soviet tanks, happy to build, no good with electronics !
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