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heng long version 6 board and vesion 7

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can anyone tll me what are the differences between the heng long 6.0 6.0s 6.1 series boards and the new 7?

i am wondering what was added or removed

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Hi mate,

The changes from the TK6.0 to the TK6.0s were as follows:


  1. Optional dual current driving system - Gives you the ability to use a dual current gearbox (single drive motor and single steering motor)
  2. Switchable Stick layout - Single stick drive or dual stick drive
  3. Switchable front/rear lights (in sync not separate)

The TK6.1 adds support for servos (recoil and elevation) as well as 2S-3S 7.4-11.1V LiPo support. There are also additional plugs for canon stabiliser (Heng Long branded 2 pin only) and light sensor.


The TK7.0 has the following changes:

  1. Ability to disable the BB system from the radio. This lets you just hear the cannon sound when firing main gun. I like this feature.
  2. Adjustable braking - choose from 3 options depending on tank.
  3. Tank pivoting speeds are now adjustable. From turning on the spot to having an actual pivoting radius
  4. Adjustable turning curve radius.
  5. Two different MG sounds - Coaxial and cupola MG's selectable via the radio.
  6. Radio Reset feature - You can reset the radio/tank settings to a factory setting.


The TK7.0 also only features 2 sound sets to choose from - these are M1 Abrams and Leopard 2A6. These sounds have been updated and do sound a little better than the TK6 series on some sounds.


Hope this answers your question.




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 thanks for the info ..  just to make sure i got this right my 6.0 have 4 different sounds to choose from and the new 7.0 has 2?

i do like the idea of the pivot speeds are adjustable and i guess shutting off the bbgun would be good....

does the version 7 still have a high and a low gear like the 6 did?  the reason i asked about the 7 boards was because the only tanks i saw with the 7 were the abrams and the leopard.. now i know why


thanks again

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I have the 6.1s and they have all the other features, plus support servos.

In the perfect world, H/L would make their next version same as a 6.1s but with a sound card that Taigen have. That way we get the best control options without sacrificing good sound.


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