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The Open Panzer Project - and a new Tank Control Board

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The Open Panzer Project
(click above to go to the site)

The Open Panzer project is an attempt to design professional, open source electronics for use in RC tanks and other military models.

RC tanking is one of the most fascinating corners of the RC hobby today, but also one of the smallest and slowest-growing. It is our hope that making open-source hardware and software available will be instrumental in expanding the hobby and improving the experience for everyone.

Open Source is about freedom and choice. It means harnessing the power of the community to make something better than any individual could by themselves. It means design by and for the user, rather than design for profit. Best of all, Open Source means no dead-ends. Knowledge doesn't end when someone leaves the hobby, but is kept alive for others to build upon.

Our first design is called simply the TCB (tank control board). This controller is unlike anything you have ever seen before. In fact, we believe it is the most powerful and flexible controller ever designed for RC tanking. But if you think it can be improved, that doesn't hurt our feelings! We want you to change it. The design is completely open to anyone.

The full list of features would take many pages, which is why we've written an entire Wiki!

Visit the site for all the extensive information regarding this board - the link is at the top of the article :)


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      Tamiya have discontinued the 1/16 Jagdpanther kit. 
      Very sad as the JP was a great tank to run around. Snap one up now if ya can.
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      So here's some news that has been doing the rounds on FB.
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