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New Transmitter and Receiver, Old 1/16 Scale Tamiya M4 Sherman Tank (105mm)

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Hi everyone,

I have an old Tamiya 1/16th scale RC Sherman Tank that I bought in 2004 and didn't build until this year. Unfortunately, I didn't buy the transmitter and receiver when I bought the model. I ordered a 4 channel transmitter and receiver from a hobby shop and now that it's in, they say it's not compatible with the DMD control unit  and MF-02 unit. Specifically, the connectors from the unit to the receiver are not compatible.

Will this be true of any new  4 channel transmitter and receiver I buy or did we not choose the correct one?  Any help would be appreciated. I am new to RC and don't know you know what from Shinola.



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Hi Matt,


Welcome to RC Tank World.

What radio and receiver did you purchase?


Is it just a matter of the channel cables from the DMD do not fit into the receiver you have purchased (ie: the plugs on the channel cables have little tabs on the side that do not fit into the receiver?

The Tamiya DMD channel cables have the 'Futaba J style' connectors with a little tab on the side (see pic), because the radios Tamiya use to sell for these Full Option kits are Futaba branded. If your receiver is a Universal/JR type (without the tabs on the side) then the DMD channel wires would not fit the receiver.



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